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We are not interested in certificates but in knowledge and experience

We are creators of changes that connect the agricultural world with the appropriate technology. We have our doors open for those motivated who want to improve life in the world with adequate and respectful science for real evolution, our team is made up of people who work:

With autonomy, transparency and productivity as we all have the power to make decisions, communication is transparent and we are obsessed with our own productivity.

Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being (although not necessarily religious) but it will be necessary for our roles.

Sense of priority, everyone is free to manage their functions and passions but to do the results with quality and with requested times.

Mindfulness, egolessness, and awareness for pragmatic crafts are central to our culture, from daily interactions to how we do things.

Seekers of knowledge for their own questions.

Feeling proud when putting on the Agribusiness Latam shirt.

If you like our conditions you can check our vacancies here.

Also, we can help you in
or call us to 314 391 45 00