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Technology transformation and transfer

We support you in the search, implementation or creation of new technologies for your production.

We evaluate results obtained through the execution of completed Research projects, to support and develop with private financing the option of new products or the generation of new services.

Technology transfer

The transfer consists of the authorization and generation of strategies to expose and massify a research result. It can be for profit or non-profit, but in any modality it is to seek to impact society through research results transformed into products or services, in addition to publications or presentations.

We must consider that there could be many investigations in a country, but if they do not make themselves known, their impact would be practically nil. Hence the importance of Technology Transfer in the process of spreading new knowledge.

The Technology Transfer Mechanisms are:

License Agreements. (Commercialization)

Permission to third parties to use and / or exploit an invention. Collaborative R & D & i projects.

This is the joint participation between companies, universities or technology centers in R + D + i projects. Creation of Technology-Based Companies.

They correspond to the organizations that arise from the academic initiative and occur through the research processes where the transfer of scientific-technological knowledge is manifested.

Our technology transfer processes


Interview with the researcher or team.

Monitoring of Research Groups.

Evaluation to create a product or service.

Technology Preparation

We generate or seek resources to start or end development.

Concept testing. Technological surveillance and competitive intelligence.

Diagnosis of the Intellectual Property situation.

Business structuring

Definition of the business model.

Structuring of the Intellectual Property strategy.

Selection of the transfer mechanism.


Technology assessment.

Market opening.

Execute the marketing strategy.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation at the same time is transformation of society, it is the change of our way of life, of our habits, of our customs, of a new system of work or production, of our way of access and use of services, it is the transformation of education, health, culture and communication.

All this based on present or emerging technologies, which are positioning themselves in our lives without realizing it: IoT, cloud, virtual reality, mobility technologies, autonomous travel systems (smart cars), landing of robotics.

Our criterion is that from the small agricultural producer initiate contact with the responsible technology so that it has accessibility and usability so that they are not outside the circle, moving it to points far from the circumference that supports it to avoid bad economic experiences.