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It is a friendly technological assistant with the ability to guide the producer in the workflows of the poultry production model, either for fattening chicken purposes or egg laying.

Why have…

It has modules necessary for each function and cycle in the main processes of the production of broilers or egg laying, in this way the administration of a shed will be easier, supported and evaluated with the information provided, it is easy to navigate, easy to manage and understand, regardless of the size of the poultry production.

When we include technology at the service of the agricultural sector, it is proven that it reflects improvement in production and, most importantly, producer welfare.

We create it for you

Poultry farming in its nature must be profitable and profitable, we must also know its changes to respond with respect to the species that sustain human survival and tools like AVIGRANJA INTELIGENTE contributes to consumption and industry with responsibility.

Where the first beneficiary is the community and sector for sustainable rural development

It is necessary?


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If a module is needed which is not found in SMART AVIGRANGE and technically has an argument, perfectly what we can evaluate and develop instantly to obtain benefits from it, such as not paying for it for life. Write here